Get this tool to make Apple mail to PST conversion an effortless task!

If you wish to make the process of Apple mail to PST conversion effortless, you would certainly need an advanced tool/technology. When we say advance tool/technology Mail Extractor Pro by USL software becomes synonymous to it. This tool simplifies the entire process of conversion to such an extent that even a beginner can do it with ease.

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Moreover the speed and precision of this tool is unmatchable throughout the industry. Furthermore this tool also provides you the facility to convert emails from multiple formats to PST. Thunderbird, Postbox, Mbox, Eml are the formats which you can convert to PST through this tool. Thus in the cost of one, you can enjoy the facility of many application through this tool.

1. Has a user friendly interface

This Apple Mail to PST converter tool has a user friendly interface. All the features laid out on the screen are self-explanatory and easy to use. . It provides you step by step instructions throughout the process and ensures that you are able to do it without any difficulty.

2. Enjoy the facility of converting Email files from various formats to PST

No need purchase multiple tools to convert emails of various formats to PST. As this Apple to PST converter tool provides you the facility to convert emails from various formats to PST. Apple email, Thunderbird, PostBox, MBOX, EML are some of the formats which can be easily converted to PST through this tool.

3. Unicode-compatible tool

There is no need for you to refrain from converting Mail files to PST which contains Unicode content. The Unicode compatible algorithm of this tool keeps you free of worries and lets you convert files in non-English languages with the same precision that is possible in case of English language files.

4. Know the automatic way of loading Email files for conversion

Why to select email files of a format manually to convert it into PST when it could be done automatically. All you have to do is select the format (like Postbox, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc) and click on auto load. The files of the respective format would be selected for conversion.

5. Preserves the folder hierarchy of data

This Apple to PST converter tool ensures to maintain the folder hierarchy of data base. It ensures to preserve it just like original. It does not disturb the structure of data and ensures to keep it intact after conversion.

Interested? Try this tool for free

Apple mail to PST conversion

This is your opportunity to switch to an efficient way of converting Apple emails to PST. Imagine how speedily and precisely you would be able to export Apple mail to PST with this tool in hand. So what are you waiting for? Install the trial version today and start converting Apple emails to PST as well as email from various formats to PST for free. Once you are satisfied by the performance of this tool, you can also upgrade to its full edition at very reasonable prices.


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